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A Girl Adrift App Description

◆ Open World Growing Tap game: Drifting Girl!

◆ A fun tap-RPG-fishing game!

◆ The adventures of a Drifting Girl in the world that has been submerged in water!

◆ Cures insomnia in the beautiful sound of the sea



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Game Introduction


The survival of a girl who drifts around in a world that was submerged in water!

A new open world game by


, a popular Google Play game developer!

Let’s fish and explore in the world you have never seen before!


Game Features


■ First release of a college students’ development team, Team Tapas!

Please expect more contents to be updated!

■ Communication game where we communicate with users to make a fun game together!

- It’s true! - I could not believe it at first either!

■ A new game that drifts you into tomorrow!

- It’s true! - I started playing without thinking...-

■ A healing game that heals your mind with beautiful sound effects!

- Again, true! - It cured my 30 years of insomnia.-

■ A beautiful game where you can learn about amazing fish around the world!

- True, again! - I’ve never seen fish like these before. LOL.

Fishing? RPG? A fun-filled tap-RPG-fishing game!

Infinite collection!

Heal your heart with soft colors, graphics and sounds!

Every review you leave encourages us to make a better game. Thank you!

Android 4.4+

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